About Inner U

Inner U is all about connecting with who you really are, listening to your inner voice and desires away from the noise of the modern day.

Our programs are lovingly designed specifically for different age groups and use components from art therapy, mindfulness and meditation. They include a theme and focus for each session, and incorporate something for the mind, body and spirit.

The power of art Therapy is immeasurable. When we are unable to quantify our feelings in words, art therapy offers a place of comfort, freedom and expression. It is a safe and non-confrontational way to express what is within. Meditation offers the time which is so often lacking in today's society, to connect to our inner self. When we do this regularly we begin to listen to what truly defines us, brings us pleasure and purpose. Focusing on our breath and stilling the body and mind can benefit our health, happiness and relationships.

Inner U provides a safe, encouraging and inspirational environment to connect to your inner self, find your strength and explore your creativity.

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is a way of expressing yourself that goes beyond words. It is a gentle approach to assist individuals to learn about themselves, resolve conflicts, develop interpersonal skills, manage or change their behaviour, increase self-esteem and develop insight. This healing modality is particularly beneficial for working with children and adolescents as it is a non-confrontational process that evolves very naturally.

Art Therapy is client-centred and therefore can take many different formats depending on who is participating. We act as a facilitator to the experience, helping to guide participants to discover their own meanings from the creative journey.

We use a range of techniques and materials such as meditation, paints, pastels, crayons, fabric, clay and flora. Participants don't need to be artistic or have any experience with art making.

The focus is on the process, not the outcome!

What is Holistic Education?

Seeing the world as our classroom and everyday encounters as lessons, Holistic Education views every aspect of a child’s learning is as important as the other; emotional, social, physical, personal, spiritual, cultural and intellectual.

When children are engaged in what they are doing they will naturally learn. Inner U offers a range of learning experiences to foster this way of learning.


Inner U’s resources are specifically designed to assist with exploring emotional literacy, guided meditation, using our imagination and creating safe places within. They are used as tools to aid in communication, exploring difficult issues, understanding ourselves, others and the world around us. Parents, teachers, counsellors, and psychologists can benefit from using these resources in groups or individually.

Art Therapy in Action

Be Yourself; Everyone else is already taken.
Oscar Wilde
Poet & Playwright
The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.
Ancient Greek philosopher and scientist
Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
Pablo Picasso
Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.
Erich Fromm
Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun.
Albert Einstein
Education of the mind without education of the heart is no education at all.
Ancient Greek philosopher and scientist