I am a stay-at-home mother, a job I feel privileged to do but the most difficult that I have encountered.

I rarely get time to myself… between co-sleeping with our one-year-old, our 3-year-old jumping in the bed also, to changing nappies, toilet training, playing with cars and dolls, making play-dough and cakes, crafting and outings, reading stories…even showers and toilet trips are shared experiences!

I get so frustrated when I have a ‘me’ task for the day that I want to complete and all these leave me with another failed attempt at relinquishing some of my former self.

So here I sit with a few hours up my sleeve while my husband takes the kids to playgroup and do you think I can get anything done??

Well…I am writing this, but there was a SOLID hour of procrastination prior, followed by MAJOR performance anxiety!!!

Does this happen to other Mum’s or Dad’s when they FINALLY get time to themselves?

So many things I could be doing! What to choose? What if I don’t use EVERY minute to the max?? When will I get this opportunity again???

It’s enough to make you wish the little ones would return early and remove you from the responsibility of choosing what to do with your time.

Oh, here they come now…

Ha! How my world has changed since becoming a mother…