Wellbeing Programs

Art Therapy and Meditation Workshops

Inner U’s programs include movement, guided meditation and Art Therapy processes. All workshops aim to connect you to your inner self, as well as promoting body awareness and relaxation, building emotional literacy and creative expression. Workshops can be tailored for differing ages, needs and interests, from young children to adults.

See below for our current programs.

Supporting children to build resilience, coping strategies and access their inner strength, this program uses body awareness, visualisation and creative expression in a safe and fun environment.
Designed for adolescents and adults, this program encourages you to connect to your inner self through guided meditation as well as create your very own art piece based on your meditation experience.
We are all busy juggling our many roles as women in this fast-paced world. What better way to stay connected to your inner self than with a monthly check-in?
These programs incorporate a range of art therapy and meditation techniques, and can be tailored to a specific group/need within the school.