Program Overview

This is a mothers group with a difference. It is a place for us to go with a shared experience- motherhood, but without the focus on our children. Instead, this is about who we WERE, who we ARE and who we are going to BECOME. A place of sharing, comfort, inspiration and gratitude. Where we can connect with our authentic self and continue to stay connected. A time we can lock in and dedicate to ourselves each month, without guilt.

Together we can empower one another to be the best version of ourselves despite and because of our responsibilities.
Begin with a morning of body nurture and nourishment with Nia Technique. This transformative experience focuses on the whole- body, mind and spirit. Its emphasis is on the joy of movement, having fun whilst moving your body and listening to its needs.
After moving our divine bodies, we sink into time for reflection and creative expression. We will explore a range of topics specific to motherhood through Art Therapy processes, such as meditation, clay work, painting, drawing, storytelling…the possibilities are endless!
Join like-minded mothers in a safe, uplifting and empowering environment.
This is a monthly event you are welcome to attend once or ongoing (please secure your spot as the limit is 8 mummas per session) Each month will have a different focus specific to motherhood
Workshop Age Groups

Mums 18+ years old


Last Sunday of the month 9am-12.30pm


$50.00 Per Person/Session


Kawana Island Meeting Place, 5 Grand Parade, Parrearra