Here I am, excited and nervous to be at the beginning of a new journey. I’m not sure if it’s the right time or the right way, but I am here. As the quote above reminds me, it is better to be doing something than to just be thinking about doing something. I love a good quote! I collect inspiration from everywhere, nature, people, art, angel cards, quotes… I surround myself with these little gifts so that wherever I look I can be inspired (or reminded) about what truly matters to me. Currently, I have homemade inspiration magnets on my fridge, my vision board hanging above my desk and artwork I love in my wallet. I would love to hear other people’s sources of inspiration and where you like to place them within your environment (please comment below ♥).

I am even more excited about this beginning as it has been a process of life-changing decisions, listening to my heart and trusting that all will work out in the end. Rewind a year and a half ago, my husband and a very pregnant me, along with our nearly two-year-old daughter jump into the family’s converted school bus on a journey up the east coast of Australia. I will never forget the freedom we first felt as we arrived at our first coastal destination… the expanding horizon was calling us, and we haven’t left its side since. We had an amazing adventure of highs and lows. The experience can be summarised in three words: freedom, adventure and togetherness.

It brought us to the beautiful Sunshine Coast where we have moved from no-fixed-address to our very own home in an area that we love. We have met like-minded souls, continued to enjoy adventures together in nature and have grown as individuals. Here we are creating in real life, the visions that we have discussed time and time again.

This blog will be about all things important to me…being a Mum, Educator (initially educating other people’s children, now educating my own), Art Therapist, Artist, Writer, lover of natural products and therapies, and my wonder for nature and its soul-energising properties. If this sounds like you, or something you would like to read about, please stay connected. As I said previously, I take inspiration from many things in life, and being a part of a like-minded community really feeds my soul.

Til next time,