When we started on our journey around Australia in a bus (our toddler in tow) we were met with a mixed response…most people were supportive and congratulated us on being brave enough to break away from the ‘norm.’ However, one question that occasionally popped up was, ‘why travel with a young child when they won’t remember any of it?’

So I ask the question -why do we travel? Is traveling for making memories (as the above question would suggest) or is traveling about living for the moment?

With such an emphasis on mindfulness and living in the moment nowadays, I believe travel should be about breathing it in, soaking up the culture and feeling pure enjoyment wherever you are…And if you have been around a child long enough you will know- children cannot help but live in the moment. One minute they are HAPPY and the next a SCREAMING mess on the floor!!!

So traveling with children is the PERFECT way to achieve living in the moment!


“Oh, there’s a fountain- I’m going to go SPLASH in it! ”

“There’s an ice cream stand- can we have ICE CREAM???”

“I’m tired- Get me to bed NOW!!!”


As you can see, when you travel with young children you have no choice but to live for each moment and see the world through their eyes (which can be so much more fun!) Yes, there will be priceless memories to go with it, but this should be the by-product of traveling not the goal.

You are showing your children that people are people wherever you go. They can be kind, helpful and friendly no matter the country or language. You are bonding as a family, going through the ups and downs of travel but always having each other.

What child wouldn’t want to spend more quality time with their parents? Go on adventures every single day? And spend time in new and exciting places?

Now that we have found a new place to call home and added an extra person to our family, we won’t stop traveling. There is a big, fascinating world out there for us to explore with them. These experiences will become part of their being. They will change us and them, regardless of how young they are. They will be more tolerant, empathetic and giving global citizens because of it.

And that is why we travel with our young children ♥