Setting the scene for this session, the movement component promotes body awareness and the joy of movement, whilst catering to the bodily kinesthetic learners.
Children still themselves and learn techniques for calming and connecting to their inner self whilst creating safe places in their imagination.
Incorporating a range of Art Therapy processes, children use materials to create a lasting reminder of their meditation experience.

Does Your Child...

Work well in a Group Environment?
This truly unique experience is best shared when participants are enthusiastic, open and cooperative. This fosters a safe and supportive environment where your child feels encouraged to be brave, take risks, contribute to discussions and celebrate their uniqueness.
Not know how to identify or manage their emotions?
By creating a safe and gentle environment, an open dialogue is encouraged between participants about emotions; how they make us feel, what they look like and how we can help others when they are feeling a certain way. When we can identify and greater understand our emotions, we can put steps in place to work with them rather than against them.
Become overwhelmed in certain situations?
Through learning our relaxation and calming techniques your child can add to their 'toolbox' of resources. These inner resources can assist children to cope when they are feeling sad, lonely or scared.
Find it Difficult to Express Themselves?
Through the medium of art, we allow your child to truly express themselves without judgement, interpretation or pressure to have an 'outcome.' Participants are free to choose from a selection of materials and use their creative time to make what they please. When the pressure is off to express themselves in words, children feel a sense of freedom and their imagination can truly take over!