Program Overview

These programs incorporate a range of Art Therapy and Meditation techniques and can be tailored to a specific group or need within the school. They aim to empower students to be the best version of themselves. Each workshop focuses on a specific skill or strategy that students can add to their ‘toolkit’. This inbuilt ‘toolkit’ can assist them in accessing their inner strength and working through challenges in a positive manner.

Examples of topics covered:

-I am Special, I am Me (Self worth and acceptance)

-Developing Emotional Literacy (how I feel, how others feel and how I can be in control)

-Creating safe places within ourselves (using Guided Meditation and Active Visualisation)

-Appreciation for ourselves, others and the world around us

-Know your body (Love and acceptance of our body)

-Goal setting, achievement and celebration

Michelle is a Registered Teacher and Art Therapist, contact for a free consultation on how Inner U can provide a program for your students.